Lighting for ski areas in the 21st century

- Arctic Beam LED solution improves customer experience and operational performance of ski areas -

- Whitepaper with a special feature on Scandinavia-

Ski areas face 3 challenges that will have a profound impact on their operations and economic viability:

  • High fixed and increasing operational cost while the number of skiing days is stable or declining
  • Climate change, environmental stress and conservation needs
  • Increasingly demanding ski tourists  

This paper explains what role lighting can play in view of these challenges and how the Arctic Beam LED lighting solution improves operational performance and customer experience and contributes to devising a ski area’s strategy in overcoming these linked challenges

Understand why the Arctic Beam was specifically designd to illuminate ski slopes and therefore performs much better than other fixtures in terms of cost of ownership, light quality and control.

Learn why night skiing will gain in popularity, how it can benefit both the skier and the ski area operator and why the Artic Beam has all the attributes to realise these benefits without harming the environment.

Learn how the Arctic Beam contributes to the sustainable image of a ski area and why this gives it a competitive edge over other ski areas.

Understand why Scandinavian ski areas are the safest bet in the coming years and why the Arctic Beam LED Solution is the safest choice for ski area operators.



About Slope Lighting Solutions

- And the Arctic Beam -

Slope Lighting Solutions is the only company that has dedicated itself exclusively to the illumination of ski slopes and cross country tracks. The illumination requirements of ski slopes, as well as the challenging and inspiring mountainous surroundings have so far never led to the devlopment of a luminaire that fits in with the surroundings both technically and visually.  Slope Lighting Solutions has done just that with the Arctic Beam.


Improved night skiing experience with Arctic Beam, november 2015
First ski resort to adopt Arctic Beam LED solution november 2014.
Satisfied with  the Arctic Beam LED solution's performance in the Arctic Circle 2015/2016