Slope Lighting Solutions takes over all business activities of Colwin GmbH

Fügenberg / Amsterdam, 1 December 2017
Dear client,
Colwin  and Slope Lighting Solutions B.V. hereby jointly anounce that all business activities of Colwin will be transferred to Slope lighting Solutions as of today.
On behalf of Colwin and as director, I, Marco Brink, would like to thank you for the trust you placed in our company and services.  Business considerations have led to the conclusion to focus on our core business as investor, which is why we decided to withdraw from the lighting market. We have worked with Slope Lighting Solutions – the manufacturer of the Arctic Beam -  satisfyingly for the past three years and we are of the opinion that they are very capable of providing the same level of services we provided to you.

On behalf of Slope Lighting Solutions and as director, I, Bram Cohen, would like to welcome you as our client. We are delighted that by taking over Colwin’s business activities we can secure the continuation of advice and services to you and offer you a one stop solution from lighting plan and proposition to delivery and after sales service. I would like to thank Colwin for their efforts in the past three years which have contributed to the Arctic Beam as a well known brand and lighting solution among ski areas.  I am looking forward to meet with you and realize your lighting needs.

All technical and sales enquiries can be directed at:
Slope Lighting Solutions
Cruquiusweg 111C
1019 AG Amsterdam
T: + 31 (0)20 216 00 86
M: +31 (0)6 43 444 382
We both wish you all a very succesfull winter sports season 2017/2018.
Colwin GmbH, Marco Brink, director
Slope Lighting Solutions, Bram Cohen, director