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Light plan

Ascertaining the number of luminaires required for the optimal illumination of a ski slope is a challenging task.  Slope Lighting Solutions uses top-of-the-range simulation software to create light plans for slopes and tracks.  Our light plans are based on your requirements as well as on guidelines established by the national Ski Areas Association (NSAA) in association with the Illumination Society of North America (IESNA) and the European standard for outdoor sports lighting NEN-EN 12193.

The call for sustainable skiing

Ski resort operations tend to consume significant amounts of energy.  It is estimated that ski resorts could save hundreds of megawatt hours just by changing over to newer, greener technologies. For a single ski resort this would not only mean immediate savings of tens of thousands of Euros per year, but also a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tons.

Altough lighting consumes far less energy than snow machines and ski lifts, current lamp technologies are inefficient, cause light pollution, contain toxic elements and because of their short lifetime, require replacement. The Arctic Beam will last a skiers lifetime!

In the last decade various sustainability programs were set up in and across ski resorts in Europe and North America. Their aim is to raise interest among the skiing public in combatting climate change and promote sustainably managed mountain tourism.

Slope Lighting Solutions supports these efforts with the Arctic Beam.