Large area lighting and mounting on lift poles

Ski resorts sometimes request the mounting of luminaires on lift poles. This is economical because no poles have to purchased and installed.  Distances between lift poles, however, are usually between 60 and 200 meters. To illuminate these large areas, the power and lumen of these luminaires need be considerable. Where the Arctic Beam is perfect for pole distances up to 50 meter, the, FL, MFL and PLS models from the Skilled Lux Series are perfect for larger areas.





Skilled Lux MFL







Skilled Lux FL






Skilled Lux PLS




Illumination of steep slopes

The illumination of ski slopes with high gradients can possibly generate light spill, if the luminaires are aligned with the same gradient. The WDG model from the Skilled Lux Series can prevent this from happening through their specialized optics and cut off performance.    




Skilled Lux WDG




Illumination of cable car and chairlift tracks

Although skiing does normally not take place under cable car and chairlift tracks, these tracks often need to be illuminated at the beginning and at the end for reasons of safety. Because these tracks are very narrow, we use powerful luminaires with small beam angles in order to cast the light as far as possible on the lift track. The PL and PLS models, with a beam angle as narrow as 7° and 8° respectively, are ideal for long distance projection.





Skilled Lux PL




Illumination of cross country tracks, toboggan runs

Cross country tracks are usually 5 to 10 meters wide. Depending on the level of competition, we offer different types of luminaires. WayLed is a 2,80m high pole with a screw foundation that is inserted in the ground. It has two 8 W led lamps that cast their light 15 meters in front and behind. It is ideal for recreational light levels (class III).



Class I and II competition require higher light levels up to 20 lux.  The Skilled Lux XCountry S1 - available in different power configurations – is well suited for this job.



The most sustainable way to illuminate your loipe tracks is through the solar powered Skilled Lux Solluxio. The Skilled Lux Solluxio does not need an electrical grid and so ground excavation work and cables are a thing of the past.

Skilled Lux XCountryWayLed
Skilled Lux XCountry S1
Skilled Lux XCountry Soluxio



Television broadcasting and stadium lighting

High lux levels (1000+) are required to enable high quality television broadcasting. Spectators that sit in a stadium waiting for skiing athletes to enter the stadium - think of cross country biathlon, downhill skiing and ski jump – also require a lot of light to clearly see the action unfold before their eyes. The PLS model with 30° and 60° degree beam angles generate up to 175.000 lumen.




Skilled Lux  PLS